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President - Mark Vreeland                                                                                             

Vice President - Char Toole  

Treasurer - Louis Abraham 

Secretary - Ruth Vreeland 


Jessie Stafford

Adam Pehrson

Danny sal Da Na

Cheryl Whitmore

Samir sekhubara

Ann Aldrich                   


Interim Director - Salomon Mora

Committee - Kathleen Mora 

Contact information:


PO Box 965

Edgewood, NM 87015

Email: [email protected] 

Official Website: https://pinemeadowranches.webs.com/

Hello one and all from your 2017-elected PMR President, Mark Vreeland of Albuquerque, NM! Happy New Year too! May you all have a wonderful year filled with lots of visits to the beautiful land we call "Pine Meadow Ranches", whether it be for family camping experiences, your daily living routine (for you lucky few!), or just getting away to enjoy some peace and quiet for a day or two in the beautiful scenery, under blue New Mexico skies. Whatever reason you made the decision at some time to purchase property in PMR, we hope you are getting the most out of it, and enjoying your property ownership to the fullest! 

Neighborhood Watch 

Be vigilant of your surroundings, not only of your area, but everyone in our community.  If you see anything suspicious – notify the property owner, if possible or call law enforcement.  One day someone may return the favor. 

Social Networking

I would like to encourage everyone with computer access to join our website at:


I also recommend ‘Pine Meadow Ranches Friends’ and ‘Pine Meadow Ranches, Cibola County, New Mexico’ on Facebook.  These pages were not created as official PMR POA sites, but they are a  great way to meet many of the land owners who do not permanently reside at Pine Meadows and great area for discussion and sharing beautiful pictures of, Pine Meadow Ranches.



The PMR POA Board would like to hear from you concerning suggestions for a better community.  Please do not hesitate to email us or send us a letter to our PO Box.  Communication is the key in order for the board to consider your ideas for future use.  We would love to hear from you.


Sellers of property in Units 3 and 4 please take note:  These units are the base of the Property Owners Association in Pine Meadow Ranches. Owners are required to be members of the Property Owners Association and pay association dues. Steps will be taken by the PMR POA board to bring property owners into compliance. This information must be disclosed in any advertising, listing, and closing documents.

Property owners in Units 1 and 2 MAY become members of the Property Owners Association by paying association dues. This information should be disclosed in advertising, listing, and closing documents.

If you have any questions, please contact the PMR POA at [email protected]



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