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January 2018


The meeting was held on Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. MT at the Grants City Administration Building Convention Room in Grants, 515 W. High St., Grants, New Mexico.

To All PMR Property Owners

Many of us in Pine Meadow Ranches have had offers to purchase our PMR lots this last year, and perhaps you have too?  These offers coming by mail are not in any way connected to the PMR Owners Association, and they appear to be “Fishing” expeditions by a few companies, or a con-artist who is trying to scam those unsuspecting few.  Unless you are interested in selling your land dirt-cheap, I would strongly encourage you to NOT respond. Please feel free to throw away the offer or ignore it.  This is what I have done several times myself.

Questions and Answers

Q:  Can a landowner build on his/her own land, in PMR?

A:  You should contact the Association first, and they can advise you of the covenants. It's better to go ahead and get permission based on the knowledge of easements, etc. The best way to contact a board member is via email so that your proposal will be in writing.

Q:  Is there any law enforcement out at PMR?

A: No, there is no regular patrol. It's mostly neighbors watching out for neighbors.

Q:  What do people do all day out at PMR--those who live there full time?

A:  It varies. Hobbies, road work, gardening. You know--retirement stuff! Internet service is usually pretty good, too, for many people.

Q:  Can you volunteer for a PMR Board position if you've already been on the Board in the past?

A:  Yes! You need to be an Association member in good standing (paid in full), but board members are ALWAYS needed, and those who wish to volunteer their time are very welcome! 

Q:  How can we get in touch with Board members to ask questions pertaining to our property, invoice fees, or other questions?

A:  Please direct all questions to the PMR email address:  [email protected]. From there, the PMR Secretary will forward your questions on to the appropriate Board members; i.e. PMR Treasurer, etc. 

Message from President Vreeland

Hello one and all from your 2017-elected PMR President, Mark Vreeland of Albuquerque, NM! Happy New Year too! May you all have a wonderful year filled with lots of visits to the beautiful land we call "Pine Meadow Ranches", whether it be for family camping experiences, your daily living routine (for you lucky few!), or just getting away to enjoy some peace and quiet for a day or two in the beautiful scenery, under blue New Mexico skies. Whatever reason you made the decision at some time to purchase property in PMR, we hope you are getting the most out of it, and enjoying your property ownership to the fullest!

Please be aware of some important dates coming up...you should all be receiving your 2018 assessment in the mail soon, coming to you from our new Treasurer, Louis Abraham. It's been a big job taking over the position of Treasurer, so please be kind to him and send in your assessment fees as soon as possible.

Your annual fees are particularly important at this time of year in order for PMR to pay for the ongoing task of winter road clearing and maintenance of MAIN ROADS. Fees are also used for PRM signage, mailings, and general improvements to the PRM community throughout the year. 

The next important date to put on the calendar will be Sunday, February 25th for the 2018 PR Annual Meeting. Last year the meeting was held for the first time at the Grants City Administration Building, in the large Convention Room, 515 W. High Street in Grants, across the park from the NM Mining Museum (just off Santa Fe Ave.).  Everyone seemed to rally like the new venue, so once again, we have a reservation for this facility for 2018. The meeting will begin at 1:30 pm and refrshments/beverages will be provided. As always, there will be some grat door prizes, so plan to attnd now. It's a wonderful way to meet and get to know some of your PMR neighbors as well as having all of your general questions answered.

Please also note the important change in our PMR mailing address:  Pine Meadow Ranches POA, PO Box 965, Edgewood, NM 87015. This change was needed as Louis Abraham, who lives near Edgewood, took over the position of Treasurer. 


Property owners in Units 3 an 4 are required to become members of the PMR Property Owners Association and pay association dues. The Board will take steps to bring all property owners in these units into compliance. If you plan on selling property in these units you MUST disclose this information in all advertising, listing and closing documents.

 Property owners in Units 1 and 2 MAY become members of the PMR Property Owners Association by paying association dues. Property owners in Units 1 and 2 should disclose this information in all advertising, listing and closing documents.


Mark Vreeland
President, PMR POA
PMR Facing Problem of Illegal Wood Cutting

 Illegal wood cutting has been a problem on the ranch for many years. While the PMR POA board tries to address this problem, ultimately the property owner who is experiencing the problem on their land can file a complaint, and must make their complaint to Cibola County Sheriff's Office. If you are having a problem on your lot(s), PLEASE file a report!

Cibola County Sheriff's Office, 515 W High St., Grants, NM 87020. Ph: 505-287-9476 

PMR Facing Problem of Illegal Dumping

In the past, complaints of illegal dumping of ‘Liquid Waste’ has has been brought to the PMR POA board's attention. A number of residents and recreational users have not following the proper procedures in retaining permits or disposing of their liquid waste properly.  A notice has been sent to the Environment Department, ensuring that Pine Meadow Ranch owners become compliant with the regulations.

It is important to note that not everyone was out of compliance, but for those who were or may continue to be, please be aware this is a very serious matter. This is of grave importance to our health, and the health of the land.  We strive to keep the majority of our properties virgin, but with the illegal dumping of liquid waste and other types of waste, it makes it virtually impossible to do.

The board feels it is important that all residents and recreational users continue to be aware of the regulations that apply to each of your individual needs while enjoying the use of your properties.  Everyone has an initial deadline for compliance of January 01, 2014.  Periodically the investigator for the New Mexico Environment Department makes rounds at PMR and will contact anyone who is not in compliance. 


Please make PMR a better living area for present and future generations to enjoy.



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