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Hello Everyone,

We recently purchased 5.59 acres of land on Unit 3.  It is good to see the website is active and up to date.  I look forward to meeting as many land owners of PMR as possible and I look forward to making a trip to see our land really soon.  :) 

I am a 43 yr old mother of 3 children (2 girls 1 boy) and a grandmother to 2 beautiful children (1 boy 1 girl).  I have been in the security field for the past 19 years with the last 11 working for a contractor at NASA as a Security Police Lieutenant.  I am currently working on my BA in Sociology in hopes of working with children in the future.  My fiance (Dan) and I plan to live @ PMR in a few years, but for now we want to make ourselves knowledgeable on what type of modest housing is best for this area and get information on the least expensive way to get water and electricity, so we can spend any RR time we get on the land before we make it our permenant home.  Please feel free to leave comments with any and all advice that will benefit us.  I look forward to meeting everyone.  



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Reply Michael
9:28 AM on February 5, 2013 
Hi Dee,,I own lots 237 and 238 in unit 4. Haven't made it out there yet, but hope to maybe this spring. Would like to make it my full time home at some point. Would like to hear any advice you may have. Have a great day.
Reply James & Jenifer Hefner
12:11 AM on July 3, 2012 
Hey Dee, we hope to be out there by the end of July, hope to see you there on one of you visits. Thanks for the friend request, My wife and I cant wait to meet ya.
Reply sillyworm
4:02 PM on May 4, 2012 
Hey Dee..Looks like you are one of the few "repliers" on this forum. We may be neighbors soon..We're thinking on 150 or 126.Same size..but one has a fence..and costs more.
Reply Rick & Ann
3:26 PM on September 21, 2011 
Enjoyed the new pictures I hadn't seen yet! Looks like you had a good trip! Now we need to see the improvements!!! :)
Reply Dee Johnson
12:57 AM on September 8, 2011 
I'm excited to say that we will make a trip to PMR on the 19th of Sept to see the work that is being done on our lot =)
Reply Mark Vreeland
3:13 PM on May 16, 2011 
This bear photo was taken the summer of 2009 in the Zuni mountains a few miles north of PMR. I had just finished cooking some Bacon when this guy showed up for breakfast. He didn't want to leave and later came back to tear up my RV. What fun!
Reply Jessie Stafford
2:38 PM on May 16, 2011 
Hi, Dee,

Thanks for your friend invitation. I was happy to accept it. Our plans now are to visit our lot after Labor Day. I'm not sure if we will to be there during the Balloon Fiesta the first week of October or before that. We just want to look the place over and see what will be required to set our 5th wheel rv on the property, how much preparation will be needed, etc. This is very exciting for us. We have heard nothing but good things about the area and hope to some day build a bale house or something that is environmentally friendly and maybe even self-sustaining. Living off the grid appeals to me although that might not be obvious by the way we live today. Having just retired from the 8 to 5 routine each day is a journey into unchartered territory for us. The New Mexico aspect of our future if the most exciting and unknown part.

While we may not cross paths this year we will definitely stay in touch!

Jessie Stafford
Reply Mark Vreeland
11:02 AM on May 16, 2011 
Hey Dee,

My wife and I recently purchased 10.2 acres in Unit 3, lot 233 and 234. The plan is to first develop it into an RV parking area for family recreation and then maybe a small cabin at some point down the road. We really enjoy the quiet beauty that resides in the area.

Hope all your plans work out.

Reply tnrpar
9:39 PM on December 16, 2010 
Hi Dee,
Our lots are 796, 797, and 800. The meeting is Feb 20th, at 1:30pm.
The home page of this site, has all the particulars, on it. Hopefully We will see you there. I will post on our trip when we get back, along with some pics.

Reply tnrpar
4:52 AM on December 16, 2010 
Hi Dee,
We just joined this website. We have a piece of land in Unit 4. Planning a trip next week, weather permitting. Look forward to someday meeting you.
Thanks, Teresa & Rick
Reply Yvonne
9:35 PM on July 25, 2010 
Hi Dee: I noticed that the pictures you said you posted on this website are not showing up and I did not receive the ones you sent me. I am wondering if something went wrong with the transmition?? Thanks, Yvonne
Reply Yvonne
7:50 PM on July 22, 2010 
Hi Dee: So glad to hear from you, and happy to hear that your trip was a success! We would love to see the pictures and video of the land and hear all about your trip . Are you happy you bought the land and when do you think you will move there? We plan to go out sometime this fall and then make a decision about our move. Yvonne
Reply Yvonne
12:55 PM on July 8, 2010 
Thank you Dee, I look forward to seeing new pictures......have a safe trip! Yvonne
Reply Ken Benjamin
4:04 PM on July 6, 2010 
No this was in edgewood, NM at a single action shooting event. Check out sass.com
Reply Chris
3:17 PM on July 6, 2010 
Hi Dee,
Welcome to Pine Meadows and I hope you have a great trip at the end of the month.
I just bought land here last winter, and have yet to visit. My husband and I thought it would make a good base camp for bumping around out west. We like to hike and rock hunt and explore.
I look forward to hearing how your trip goes. Be sure to give us a report with lots of pictures.
Keweeenaw Chris
Reply DSV
3:05 PM on July 5, 2010 
Dee, I know that the community well is near the entrance of PMR and I believe it is $15 a year - probably artesian water. Don't know if I would drink it unless boiled.
Any rain barrel can hold the captured water - try the AskEd website. I have three 50 gallons rainbarrels that capture rainwater from my rainspouts here in IL - they are always full. Use goldfish to kill off bacteria/algae. I paid $59 apiece for the rainbarrels at Menard's (like Lowe's). I know there are videos on YouTube that show how to capture and condense water from the ground - it winds up being distilled naturally! Easy and cheap to make too. Google any or all of this stuff - it's out there...enjoy! D
Reply DSV
2:08 PM on July 5, 2010 
Hello Dee, glad to be a "friend" on the site.
I would take full advantage of solar and wind power (YouTube has many videos showing how to do it yourself!) I would also use composting toilets (get a variance from the State), and capture/store any rainwater or use condensor collectors for water. Wells are too $$$! Take care!

Reply Yvonne
9:57 AM on July 5, 2010 
Dee, I have looked at that website from time to time of the past few years, most of the information is very old though still pertinent. My email is [email protected]

Have a great trip, be safe and so nice to meet you! Yvonne
Reply Yvonne
9:05 AM on July 5, 2010 
Hi Dee: We own 5 acres on the corner of Cheyenne and Ranch, it has been a very long time since we saw our land and would love to see recent pictures if you have time to snap a few.

We are really looking forward to finally moving there.

It is so nice that there is finally a website where we can meet fellow landowners. It is much nicer to have connections before actually making the move.

Let me know if I can be of help to you.

Reply Yvonne
8:37 AM on July 5, 2010 
Hi Dee:

It is great to meet you.

My husband Eric and I own 2 lots, Unit 4, lots 453 and 454. We have owned this land for 6 years.

We are planning to move there next spring & l we are planning a trip there this fall (Sept or Oct).

I will let you know what we find out about well drilling, electricity, etc.