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Reply Dee Johnson
12:40 AM on June 5, 2011 
Hello Yvonne,

It's been awhile. How are you? We will be headed to PMR in 4 days. How are your plans coming along? Are you living at PMR yet?
Reply Dee Johnson
8:36 AM on May 3, 2011 
Hi Yvonne,

Been awhile since I hear from ya! How are things coming along with the move?

Reply Dee Johnson
10:33 PM on October 27, 2010 
Hello Yvonne,

It's been awhile since I've been on the site. I see there isn't anything new except for DSV's post. Have you been to the land lately? Did ya'll decide to move? Email me when you get a chance [email protected]
Reply DSV
11:38 PM on October 25, 2010 
Hi, just got back from PMR. All looked good.
Cheyenne Dr. had newly-laid gravel in front of improved properties. Off the gravel was OK too...and my car is low to the ground! The views were magnificent as the weather. Lot 441 (next lot east of me) has a newly-built cinder block adobe-style cabin. Take care.
Reply Dee Johnson
10:49 PM on July 25, 2010 
Hmm, something must have gone wrong. I send you one email with pics of your land and another email with a short video of your land. I will resend and post pics on here now. I did post some pics, but it was on the ccrving site. That is the other site that PMR uses.
Reply Dee Johnson
7:15 PM on July 22, 2010 
Reply Dee Johnson
7:13 PM on July 22, 2010 
Hello Yvonne,
Our trip was a success! The road were great. No rain! Both our land and your land have roads that are completely graveld from the entrance all the way to each our places. We were able to visit with Nancy and Bob and John and Linda (POA board members) they are great people. John and Linda are practically your niebors. They live further down Cheynne and I live right down the road from you as well. I am sending you the pics and videos I took of your land. I posted a few pics of our land here on the site. Let me know if you have any questions.
Reply Dee Johnson
4:47 PM on July 8, 2010 
Here is some info I just got.
Red Mesa Electric (Lic. Electrician)

Will install an electric pole, meter box, and ground rods for $900. They will use the closest light pole to run the wires from. The first 20 miles are free and a $1.50 charge for every mile after that. Also, we are responible for the permit fee and digging a hole 5 ft deep and 20 inches round for them to put the pole in. The only electric company out there is Continental Divide 505-285-6656 (They provide the actual service)
Reply Dee Johnson
1:57 PM on July 6, 2010 
FYI: we will be at PMR on July 20. I will take pics and videos and send them to you by the weekend of the 24th
Reply DSV
3:57 PM on July 5, 2010 
Hi again...I bought the property this past March, so maybe that would explain why I haven't seen a tax bill. I'll call Grants to check on it. Thanks for the tip! D
Reply DSV
2:04 PM on July 5, 2010 
Hi Yvonne,
Glad too be your "friend" on the site.
I am U4, 442 (practically neighbors).
I am going out there soon to stargaze and scout my site for the observatory construction. I am puzzled though as I haven't received any notice of property tax due OR assessment due to PMR. What gives what that? Any idea?
Take care...would youo like to to let you know when I am out there to "check on things"? D
Reply Yvonne
12:33 PM on July 5, 2010 
You need all the info you can gather.... I have 2 large folders on the area and the subdivision.
Reply Dee Johnson
11:39 AM on July 5, 2010 
Your right. The information is old, but I like to have knowledge of past, present, and future ; ) We are planning our trip within the next two weeks. I will send you the pictures then. Enjoy! the rest of your day. Dee
Reply Dee Johnson
9:16 AM on July 5, 2010 
I love the idea of the website as well. However, it seems that there is more dialogue at the following site (http://www.ruralterra.com/default.aspx) it has some great information on the forum, if you haven't already read it. I would be more than happy to take some photos for you. Send me your email addy and I'll get them to you when I get back from the trip.
Reply Dee Johnson
8:52 AM on July 5, 2010 
Thanks, Yvonne, any and all information we can get is appreciated. We are planning a 'QUICK' trip in a week or two. we won't be there long enough to do any research, but wanted to see the land in person and take pictures. Have you seen your land lately? I would be more than happy to take pictures, if you like and email them to you. How many acres is your land?