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Members wanting to sell their PMR property, or buy a PMR lot to add to their land portfolio...  Post your FSBO, or "looking to buy" ad here!  THANK YOU!

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Reply Danny Heim
6:26 PM on January 11, 2021 
Part 1
OK I'm back. I will be at the meeting this February to make a 15 minute presentation followed by comments from you all. Below is my presentation. It is very short, it covers less than 10% of all the things I went thru with the PMPOA. If you have questions or need clarity you can email or call me.
[email protected]

I would like to thank the board for allowing me this time; though most of it will be used to run them down. lol
Let me say up front that I have only 15 minutes for this. I could easily take an hour and a half to describe everything that happened to me in dealing with this board the last 3 years and that would include no commenting, just me talking. I am not exaggerating. Everything happened to me with this board from being lied to all the way to being vandalized by one of the board members and unjustly defamed online by three of the board members. But, like said, I got 15 minutes so I canâ??t get in to all that.

To make this very simple I am hoping to make a couple points about some issues with this POA, and then get feedback on these issues and then depending that feedback we might do some voting.

Issue 1
The first issue deals with the communication policy between members and the board. It has serious flaws as there are only two ways to communicate with this board and those are by email and at this meeting once per year, thatâ??s it. I find this policy very hard to deal with and Iâ??m amazed it even exists; it seems it wouldnâ??t even be legal.

With this policy the board can duck and dodge all sorts of responsibilities, as I have experienced first hand over the last three years. It involves at least 300 emails to date, and because of trying to get answers to my questions and work out differences with the board, at least 200 of those emails were mine. I tried every angle and every possibility to get answers to my questions, but I only had emailing to get it done and it wasnâ??t enough.
I can easily say that I did not get answers to ANY of my question or requests. I have described this scenario to at least 5 people and every time they say, â??hum, that sounds fishyâ?¦â??

And it is fishy, that canâ??t be denied. The issues I have in question here by themselves appear fishy even without experiencing any interaction with this board, and for me it got even more fishy with other scenarios that I went thru with the board, but like I said we donâ??t have time to get in to those scenarios. So what I can do is make these emails available anyone who wishes to get further knowledge of what is in those emails. I will send you the entire correspondence. Itâ??s likely well over 50 pages. Here is my email: [email protected]
My phone is 505-567-82

Issue 2
The second issue is about the billing policy--itâ??s a disaster. The board claims itâ??s been in effect for 40 years. Well 40 years or 4 minutes of a policy such as this would sill have no right to be on paper. WE CHARGE BY THE ACRE!!?? Think about that.

I didnâ??t know this until 3 years ago. It blew my mind and my top as well, I was really mad when I found this out. Speaking of that if I were overly rude to any of you board members in my emailsâ?¦well I kinda apologize but only kinda because the whole experience in dealing with you, the board, on this billing policy was a big joke. Just check out the emails, folks.

OK, in over 300 emails all I ever have been asking for, essentially, is to get a justification for this billing policy. Iâ??VE GOTTEN NOTHING! No explanations, no data (which I asked for in a hundred different ways), no â??let me explain pleaseâ??-- NOTHING! The only thing slightly close to an explanation or justification was when Samir wrote and said, â??because itâ??s in the bylawsâ??. Câ??mon.

OK get this, get what this policy does. If you have 100 acres in PM and someone else has 2.5 acres, you will pay $1500/yr and the fella with the 2.5 acres will pay $37.50/yr. That is 40 times more or 4000% more than the 2.5 acre guy. In my case I have 15 acres and will pay $225 compared the 2.5 acre fella paying $37.50. THAT IS SIX TIMES MORE THAN HE PAYS!

And hears to thing that makes this policy off charts of insanity, WE ALL GET THE SAME SERVICE!! Yes, the guy who pays 1500 will get no more service that the fella paying 37.50. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??

OK, so now will someone, either from the board or some or one of you membersâ??please satisfy this 3 year effort for one simple request of this board, to justify this policy for me, pleaseâ?¦after your comments and if needed I will present a billing policy to replace the existing one unless you can justify the current policy.
(see part 2 below to finish)
Reply Danny Heim
6:25 PM on January 11, 2021 
Part 2
But for now, please tell me why we would charge by the acre when we give equal service to all members. Oh BTW, I’ve had property here for 23 years and guess what? My road has NEVER, not once--been touched. No grader work, no rock, not even clearing snow, NEVER in 23 years and not even in this big round of road work the board did this past spring. Everyone who lives on a workable road out there got their road at least bladed. Mine was not touched at all. And that road is workable, at least for rock.

Somebody here, please give me the justification for billing by the acre when it doesn’t matter if someone has a 1000 acres and pays $15000 or someone has1 acre and pays 15 bucks--both of them get the same service and neither of them have any more impact on the well or the roads than the other. Justify this, please.

Note this, it is the members, not the acres, who use the roads and well. We should be charging members, not acres. The acres don’t drive, see, and also they don’t know how to use the well, only people do. Please justify for me why we are charging acres instead of people for road and well use? Go:
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Reply Danny Heim
1:50 PM on September 2, 2020 
This very likely will be the last update until late next year. Something has come up for me that will take priority over my fight with the POA. I will have to come back to this as the billing method of the POA must be stop and the illegal meetings where critical votes take place with just 25 people, votes that can get someone homeless while making someone else some money. These and much more are things wrong with the POA at Pine Meadow Ranches, read below and see for yourself. See you in about a year.
Reply WayneOpiff
12:47 AM on August 30, 2020 
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Reply Danny Heim
7:06 PM on August 27, 2020 
To ALL Property Owners, PMR Board Members and PMR Realtors

As of today I have talked to two lawyers and one paralegal. One of the lawyers and the paralegal insinuated I had a good case and should go forward; the other lawyer said my core issue, the billing method, would be up to the members and I would need to deal with them and get a vote. I see merit in all three of their opinions; it depends on which way I go in court.
I am seeing I cannot directly attack (in court) the billing method of charging $15/acre and instead will need a vote from the members. However what I have found I can do is request a reasonable amount of time at the meeting to present a case for changing that method of billing, and several other issues as well. I also would need a reasonable amount of time to discuss all that I have been going through with this PMR board every since January of 2018--a very long and stressful period of time.
I need answers. The board knows all about that as I have asked for answers for at least 10 different things and have gotten none. So now what the board needs to do is allow me the time at the meeting to get those answers. I am requesting up to 1.5 hours but likely only an hour will be needed. If I have to go to court to get that allotted time and go to court for that reason only, I will do it without hesitation. I have already asked the board for this allotted time, I have gotten no answer and it has been many weeks. I will get that answer in court if necessary. Plus it just might be I will get the answers to all my issues in court as all my issues will likely have to come up.

Issues I will bring to the meeting (and/or court), some for a vote:
1. I will be asking members, including board members, to give justified reasons for billing $15/acre knowing it seriously price gouges multiple property owners (MPO's). If there are no reasonable/ethical justifications I will ask for discussion and a vote to remove that billing method and come up with another.
2. I will ask the board to show their legal documentation for their existence.
3. I will be requesting the board to give me the data and answers to other issues I have been requesting since early 2018 and some others I have not yet requested. That info includes:
A) Exactly how many members there are in our POA and break it down by single property owners, multiple property owners and realtors.
B) What percentage of the 86K in delinquent dues is from MPO's?
C) How many people at the last years meeting were realtors?
D) I will request a list of those attending last years meeting. Note: I am assuming you have a list of the attendees as they must prove they are members to vote. If there is no such list, then I will request that all the voting at last years meeting be null and void.
E) I will be asking for a discussion and vote to end the "email only" communication policy the board has.
F) I will be asking for a discussion and vote to reverse the vote last year to pursue lawyers and foreclosures as there was not a legal quorum at that meeting. The board president claimed to me there was a quorum when including the proxies. However, the proxies only deal with new member voting and not issues at the meeting. Therefore any voting at that meeting was a fraudulent vote and I am requesting those votes be removed and not enforced.
G) If at the next POA annual meeting there is no legal quorum I will ask the meeting to disband and reconvene when more effort has been made to get members to the meeting.
H) I will need at the meeting to have set aside a minimum 1 hour for all my presentation and an extra 30 minutes if needed, but I will try for one hour. The board must assure me before me 10/01/2020 that this time allowance and all the above will not be thwarted or hampered. Again, the board has until 10/01/2020 to respond on all these matters mentioned here or legal action will ensue. Note that all these issues mentioned above will be transformed to charges against the POA board if it goes to court.
I) I will drop the court idea if I can get the proper answers to my issues above before 10/01/2020, of course this should be naturally assumed.
J) I will request the next annual meeting be allowed to be digitally recorded if one wishes to do so. I do.

I have given this board every possible opportunity to of answered these questions, they have not responded in any worthy manner whatsoever. Please contact this board and pressure them to comply with all herein and avoid court. Show me our membership is honest and cares about what is right and help me stop this unethical billing the POA is doing. Thank you.
[email protected]
Reply Danny Heim
2:15 PM on August 26, 2020 
LOOKING GOOD FOLKS! Once again, let me extend to multiple property owners an invitation to join me in this legal battle and potentially save yourself hundreds every year. Read below and then contact me at [email protected]
Reply Danny Heim
11:06 PM on August 21, 2020 
Always seems there something I forgot

More Information:
Other Points:
1. Because of this current board's recent increase in dues to $15/acre I'll get a 40% increase in n my dues next year while a single property owner will only get a 25% increase in their dues next year. That is because in the past additional acres over 5 you'd get a $2/acre reduction but now it''s no reduction at all, just $15 for every acre you own.
2. It seems to me that the POA's natural inclination would be to encourage MPO's because the more of them the less people in the subdivision and therefore less cars on the roads and therefore less road maintenance needed. Besides, it's called Pine Meadow Ranches not Pine Meadow city limits.
3. Having this sort of policy makes it look like the board is interested in development, which makes no sense in relation to their mission. The board is not supposed to have any interest in development; their only responsibility is road and well maintenance.
4. The previous 3 points make me suspicious. Why would they embrace such policies? They do this big push all the sudden with raising the rates and threatening foreclosures by stating they are looking into lawyers to help them move in that direction. Researching and engaging the search for these lawyers will be a big task, going to take up a lot of their time. Why would they do all that just to hurt people? Why would they want to be associated with such a thing? I wouldn't want to be known for causing people to go homeless. That's what foreclosures do, maybe they don't know that?
5. They got all offended when I stated on their website that I had suspicions about them. I did not accuse them of anything but I stated what I was suspicious of, and still am. I know they had a realtor on the board awhile back, Adam, I think? There are rumors that there is a title company person on the board, all their recent actions are very favorable to realtors, very favorable. Yes some of this is rumors, but those rumors do contribute to the suspicion, can't help it, who in their right mind could not be suspicious? And besides I don't need the rumors, their own actions tell me a story in themselves. Just can't confirm it, yet.
6. Finally why when I asked for explanations of their policy or for informative data related to my situation they make no effort to do so, I mean they run like school girls. Everything about their reaction to giving information screams a need for secrecy, and it is not for your benefit as a member, just the opposite. This has been my experience over and over for nearly three years of dealing with them. They really know how to run and hide. Of course, this is also quite suspicious.
Reply Danny Heim
11:50 AM on August 18, 2020 
This will be the last update for awhile. I have applied for legal aid, it will be a bit before they get back to me. I am hoping other multiple property owners will do what I am doing or maybe even do it with me. Below are the charges I am putting against the POA. Note I am not suing for any profit, just action. I do these posts because I am hoping for your help but mainly I feel the property owners should know what is going on.

This complaint is against the Pine Mead Ranches Property Owners Association board of directors. I have 4 main charges.
1. I pay 3 times more than other members and get the exact same service. They charge by the acre and there is no basis for it. This is a severe gouging of multiple property owners. I would call this either gouging or discrimination, or both.
2. Their communication policy is email only. You can only talk to them in person once per year at the annual meeting. You can't talk on the phone.
3. They refuse to give any information about the membership. I asked for data several different ways and got either no response or the excuse it would break privacy. That is a lie, what I was asking for involved no names or addresses, just numbers and percentages. I wanted this info to determine where I stood among other multiple property owners, were they paying or not? Again, just numbers and percentages, no names or addresses. They refused to help.
4. They would not reveal their legal status to me as a non-profit. I asked for it two months ago and all I got back was the treasure saying it was for the president to take care of. Have not heard a word. I have to assume they have no legal standing and if they do I am charging discrimination for not responding to me. That charge might wind up just being against the board president only.
Reply Danny Heim
5:13 PM on August 17, 2020 
I have another update on my issue with the POA board. I talked to an attorney today at the NM State Attorney Generals office and they were very helpful and directed to the right sources.
I will be filing for a hearing in the Cibola County District Court in Grants. I will be getting an attorney and the complaint will be about gouging but there will be many other issues along with it.
The guy was nice and might have told me more than he was suppose to but probably not. He just kinda told me I do have a case, not directly but I got it. For my part this is primarily a multiple property owners issue and I am hoping some of those other MPO's will join in with me on this, you truly are getting gouged, no doubt about it.
Now I am sending these posts to the board to be fair and will be sending them more I'm sure as I will continue to do updates. If you object to that and it keeps you from joining in let me know, maybe I shouldn't do it? But I do want to be fair. Contact me at [email protected]
Reply Danny Heim
11:06 AM on August 17, 2020 
I have filed a complaint with several issues to the attorney general's office against the PMRPOA board If anyone if anyone wishes to join me on it contact me at [email protected]
Reply Danny Heim
11:44 AM on August 16, 2020 
Here's an update on my situation with this very likely illegal board. I have paid what I did not owe them but paid them anyway. I feel like a fool for paying them. But this is not done. I have been requesting to see proof of their non-profit status. They say they will show me, it's been months.I've had to conclude they have no legal status and therefore no power and am asking for a portion of my money back.
Pay them the dues if you like, I will pay what I feel I owe and consider it a donation, not a due because I do want to see the road work done, what little there is.
They are trying to charge me 3 times what others pay, it's ridiculous. I won't pay that. I will pay 60 bucks and HOPE they try and put a lien on me, would love to take that to court.
Reply Danny Heim
11:32 AM on August 16, 2020 
Erik Zurfluh says...
I have paid asshoile

Sounds like you're just trying to get out of paying what you owe the HOA. Stop being a pussy and pay them! Samir is right we all have dues and people like you are the reason we have to pay more next year. Firstly thank you for raising them and secondly I've dealt with all the members of the board. Nobody is doing anything underhanded so you better watch what you say before they sue you for libel or defamation.
Reply MichaelRen
4:24 AM on August 8, 2020 
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