Looking to Buy or Sell PMR property?

Posted by pinemeadowranches on February 25, 2013 at 9:45 AM

Members wanting to sell their PMR property, or buy a PMR lot to add to their land portfolio...  Post your FSBO, or "looking to buy" ad here!  THANK YOU!

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Reply Samir A Sekhubara
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Reply Danny Heim
6:26 PM on January 11, 2021 
Part 1
OK I'm back. I will be at the meeting this February to make a 15 minute presentation followed by comments from you all. Below is my presentation. It is very short, it covers less than 10% of all the things I went thru with the PMPOA. If you have questions or need clarity you can email or call me.
[email protected]

I would like to thank the board for allowing me this time; though most of it will be used to run them down. lol
Let me say up front that I have only 15 minutes for this. I could easily take an hour and a half to describe everything that happened to me in dealing with this board the last 3 years and that would include no commenting, just me talking. I am not exaggerating. Everything happened to me with this board from being lied to all the way to being vandalized by one of the board members and unjustly defamed online by three of the board members. But, like said, I got 15 minutes so I canâ??t get in to all that.

To make this very simple I am hoping to make a couple points about some issues with this POA, and then get feedback on these issues and then depending that feedback we might do some voting.

Issue 1
The first issue deals with the communication policy between members and the board. It has serious flaws as there are only two ways to communicate with this board and those are by email and at this meeting once per year, thatâ??s it. I find this policy very hard to deal with and Iâ??m amazed it even exists; it seems it wouldnâ??t even be legal.

With this policy the board can duck and dodge all sorts of responsibilities, as I have experienced first hand over the last three years. It involves at least 300 emails to date, and because of trying to get answers to my questions and work out differences with the board, at least 200 of those emails were mine. I tried every angle and every possibility to get answers to my questions, but I only had emailing to get it done and it wasnâ??t enough.
I can easily say that I did not get answers to ANY of my question or requests. I have described this scenario to at least 5 people and every time they say, â??hum, that sounds fishyâ?¦â??

And it is fishy, that canâ??t be denied. The issues I have in question here by themselves appear fishy even without experiencing any interaction with this board, and for me it got even more fishy with other scenarios that I went thru with the board, but like I said we donâ??t have time to get in to those scenarios. So what I can do is make these emails available anyone who wishes to get further knowledge of what is in those emails. I will send you the entire correspondence. Itâ??s likely well over 50 pages. Here is my email: [email protected]
My phone is 505-567-82

Issue 2
The second issue is about the billing policy--itâ??s a disaster. The board claims itâ??s been in effect for 40 years. Well 40 years or 4 minutes of a policy such as this would sill have no right to be on paper. WE CHARGE BY THE ACRE!!?? Think about that.

I didnâ??t know this until 3 years ago. It blew my mind and my top as well, I was really mad when I found this out. Speaking of that if I were overly rude to any of you board members in my emailsâ?¦well I kinda apologize but only kinda because the whole experience in dealing with you, the board, on this billing policy was a big joke. Just check out the emails, folks.

OK, in over 300 emails all I ever have been asking for, essentially, is to get a justification for this billing policy. Iâ??VE GOTTEN NOTHING! No explanations, no data (which I asked for in a hundred different ways), no â??let me explain pleaseâ??-- NOTHING! The only thing slightly close to an explanation or justification was when Samir wrote and said, â??because itâ??s in the bylawsâ??. Câ??mon.

OK get this, get what this policy does. If you have 100 acres in PM and someone else has 2.5 acres, you will pay $1500/yr and the fella with the 2.5 acres will pay $37.50/yr. That is 40 times more or 4000% more than the 2.5 acre guy. In my case I have 15 acres and will pay $225 compared the 2.5 acre fella paying $37.50. THAT IS SIX TIMES MORE THAN HE PAYS!

And hears to thing that makes this policy off charts of insanity, WE ALL GET THE SAME SERVICE!! Yes, the guy who pays 1500 will get no more service that the fella paying 37.50. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??

OK, so now will someone, either from the board or some or one of you membersâ??please satisfy this 3 year effort for one simple request of this board, to justify this policy for me, pleaseâ?¦after your comments and if needed I will present a billing policy to replace the existing one unless you can justify the current policy.
(see part 2 below to finish)
Reply Danny Heim
6:25 PM on January 11, 2021 
Part 2
But for now, please tell me why we would charge by the acre when we give equal service to all members. Oh BTW, I’ve had property here for 23 years and guess what? My road has NEVER, not once--been touched. No grader work, no rock, not even clearing snow, NEVER in 23 years and not even in this big round of road work the board did this past spring. Everyone who lives on a workable road out there got their road at least bladed. Mine was not touched at all. And that road is workable, at least for rock.

Somebody here, please give me the justification for billing by the acre when it doesn’t matter if someone has a 1000 acres and pays $15000 or someone has1 acre and pays 15 bucks--both of them get the same service and neither of them have any more impact on the well or the roads than the other. Justify this, please.

Note this, it is the members, not the acres, who use the roads and well. We should be charging members, not acres. The acres don’t drive, see, and also they don’t know how to use the well, only people do. Please justify for me why we are charging acres instead of people for road and well use? Go:
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